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Dr. James Chandler, N.D., Ph.D

Traditional Naturopathy

Chandler Naturopathic Health Center

Go Natural - Your Natural Health Alternative


Thank you for visiting my On-Line Store. There are several different ways to order your Quality Products: DaVinci Labs, NpFullScript, and PriorityOne.

Nowadays you can find health and wellness supplements almost anywhere you go. There are thousands of named brands and just as many different formulations from which you can choose. You probably get at least one mailer a week telling you of the "newest" and "greatest" vitamin or herbal discovery and each one sounds great.

     But which supplement is right for you? What is hype and what is not? Research has shown that most people take supplements that have been recommended by friends, family, or a clerk at the local health food store verses seeking professional advice. They do this without regard for such things as their age, gender, allergies, other medical conditions, or safety. Dr. Chandler can help you save money and help keep you safe by sorting fact from fiction when it comes to your supplement needs.

Click on the link below to access Professional Products from DaVinci Laboratories of Vermont. or call Beth at 800-325-1776 (direct line 802-878-0549).

Most DaVinci Products are also available on FullScript.

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Full Script                      24/7 Access

You must be a current client of Chandler Naturopathic Health to use fullscript. Just click on any of the links.

FullScript offers hundreds of practitioner trusted, high quality supplements including DaVinci, PriorityOne, Life Extension, Protocol for Life Balance and many more exclusively for clients of naturopaths and other health professionals. FullScriptuses a secure website whereby patients can order products safely and securely that have been specifically recommended for them by their practitioner. For our patients, FullScript will ship directly to you and has auto ship available. For access to create your account, click on FullScript.

If you are a current client of Chandler Naturopathic, you may order products directly from Priority One. Contact Priority One at or call them 800 443 2039. Most PriorityOne supplements are also available at FullScript.