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Dr. James Chandler, N.D., Ph.D

Traditional Naturopathy

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Natural Weight Loss Protocol

Posted on March 7, 2014 at 4:06 PM

   Chandler Naturopathic
     As we and our nation become more and more over weight, many Americans are looking for ways to reduce their weight and become healthier.  Whether you have tried diets in the past or this is your first experience with weight loss, this program can help you attain your weight goal. 
     The first step is identifying your reason for weight gain.  Some of the most common reasons include: hormonal shifts, medications, excessive eating habits, eating foods high in calories, eating at the wrong time of day, emotional or stress eating, drinking excessive amounts of calories, and not moving enough.   Experts have varying opinions on why people become overweight however they agree that the key to losing weight is: Eat less and move more.  Simply stated, the body has to burn more calories than it takes in.  This can be seen with any of the popular diets available such as: South Beach, Atkins, Jenny Craig, NutraSystem, Weight Watchers or any other diet that you can name.
     This program uses two phases:  Active weight loss and Weight maintenance.  Phase 1, Active weight loss helps you lose up to 10 percent of your body weight in about sixteen weeks (four months).  This can be achieved by 1. Eliminating sugary foods, refined flours, and bad fats while increasing foods that are whole and are lower glycemic foods.  
     Phase 2 of the program helps keep weight stable for the remaining eight months of the year.  This is accomplished through exercising and eating only the amount of calories necessary as not to gain weight.  In this phase, you can add more foods however, it is advised that you maintain a lifestyle without refined sugars and grains as much as possible.  This same program is repeated the following year for additional weight loss for those who need to or want to lose more weight.
    Depending on medical conditions, a variation of this protocol may be necessary.  For those situations, a programmed foods list from Food Pharmacy is available.
     Though it is not necessary to know your Body Mass Index (BMI) Number in order to lose weight, it may provide incentive for you to do so.  To find your BMI you can go on line and Google BMI calculators.  Likewise, it is not necessary to know your waist/hip ratio but it may again provide some incentive. Waist to hip ratios looks at the portion of fat stored on your body around your waist and hip.  It is a simple but useful measure of fat distribution.  shape).
      Having an apple shape (carrying weight around the middle) is riskier for your health than having the pear shape.  This is because is because body shape and health risks are linked.  If you have more weight around your waist you have a greater risk of lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes than those with weight around their hips.  To determine your waist to hip ratio, divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement.  Example:  Your waist size is 34 and your hip size is 38; dived 34 (waist) by 38 (hips) and you will get .894.  Women should have a waist to hip ratio of .8 or less. 
     You should calculate your Basil Metabolic Rate (BMR) for your Ideal weight or Target weight. This is a rather complicated formula so I recommend that you find a BMR calculator on line.  re your height multiplied by your weight (use your ideal weight), your age, gender, and activity level. The formula is:  655 plus (4.3 multiplied by weight) plus (4.7 multiplied by height in inches) minus (4.7 multiplied by age) multiplied by activity level (either 1.25 low activity, 1.40 if you exercise every day or 1.60 if you are a full time athlete). Once you find your BMR for your Ideal weight or target weight, that will be the amount of calories you should eat per day.  
     To calculate your Ideal weight is a lot easier.  For ideal weight add 105 pounds for the first 5 feet of height and then add five pounds for every inch over five feet.
      Example: 35 year old women who is not active that is 5 feet 4 inches tall (ideal weight is 125 pounds = 105 pounds for the first 5 feet and then 5 pounds for each additional inch in height).  4.7 X 35 years of age = 164.5] X [1.25 low activity level] = 1661).  Eating this amount of calories is supportive of your weight goal and is less than your actual weight requirements which will result in sustained weight loss.
     The reasons most people fail to adhere to a weight loss program because it is too rigid and restrictive in food choices. Remember, all weight loss plans have food restrictions of some sort.  This plan restricts foods that contain elements that are thought to be counter intuitive to weight loss.  There are no food groups that have been eliminated in this protocol.  There are no food groups that have been restricted in this protocol.  You are able to eat all foods as long as they are prepared in a healthy way with healthy ingredients.

    Diet/nutrition: Food plays a very important role in weight management.  There are some  things that should be removed or avoided and many things that should be included or increased in the diet regardless of the type of diet that you undertake.  It is suggested that you divide your calorie intake as follows:  30 percent Proteins; 40 percent carbohydrates and 30 percent fats.  It is not recommended that you consume less than 1200 calories per day.  The calorie target listed for the lady above, a breakdown of protein, carbohydrates, and fats would look somewhat like this:  Protein=498 calories, Carbohydrates = 665 calories and Fats = 498 calories for a total of 1661 calories.  

 For your weight loss program:
  • Remove:
      • All refined sugars and the products that contain them.
      • Carbonated beverages (includes diet drinks).
      •  Refined flours
      • Trans fats
      • Most saturated fats
      • Food additives, preservatives, and taste enhancers ( specifically MSG)
  • Include: 
  • All fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grain breads, cereals, and crackers.
  • Include cold water fish like tuna, salmon and trout.
  • Include lean proteins from poultry, fish, beans and lentils.
  • Include whole natural grains such as: brown rice, quinoa, wild rice, and oats.
  • Drink plenty of water and if you use fruit juice dilute it with 50 percent water.
  • Include rice, almond, or hemp milk (beverage) in place of dairy milk.
  • Include nut butters (except peanut) such as: sunflower seed and almond nut butter.
  • Include nuts and seeds; walnuts, pecans, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and chi seeds (chi seeds swell in the stomach and gives you a full feeling plus they are an excellent source of protein).
  • Use natural sweeteners, honey, agave nectar, and stevia
Oils:  Olive oil is the preferred oil for salad dressings and for any cooking.  Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for dressings and Regular Olive Oil for cooking (only light cooking never with high heat)
        Eat before you get hungry
Hunger is usually a sign that your blood sugar is dropping. Tendencies to overeat are more likely if you’ve waited too long to eat and feel overly hungry.

       Eat at the right time
Eat breakfast within one to two hours of rising, lunch approximately four hours later, and dinner within six hours of lunch. If you have a day job, eat dinner before 7pm.  Ironically, you should not skip meals if you are trying to lose weight.  Eating properly increases your metabolism, which burns  
more calories.

      Eat snacks
If you tend to get hungry before or between meals, have a snack. A protein snack just before bed can often help you sleep better.

      Eat in peace
Distractions such as reading, watching TV, noisy environments and dinner table arguments have very harmful effects on digestion. If you are upset, calm yourself and relax before eating.

      Chew well
Chewing is perhaps the most important part of the digestive process, so chew more than you think is necessary and avoid swallowing un-chewed food.

      Eat slowly
Enjoy the flavors and textures of every bite.

       Stop before you’re full
You’ll feel full about 10 minutes after a meal if you stop eating when the food begins to lose  some of its taste.

      Stick to your Eating Guidelines Food List
Stick to your Eating Guidelines food list and your Daily Diet Worksheet if you’ve been given one.

       Drink lots of water
You should drink ½ of your body weight (lbs) in ounces of water, plus 8 oz for every vice (coffee, for example), and an additional 8 oz for every hour of exercise.

     Drink frequently
Your body needs four ounces of water every half hour just for basic functions. Your digestive system can only absorb this amount under normal conditions, so drinking two quarts all at once won’t help. Drinking less will thwart your body’s attempts to heal or regenerate. Eight ounces every hour is a good guideline. Drink eight ounces of water every morning upon rising, eight ounces five
more times during the day, and eight ounces of water half an hour before both lunch and dinner.

     Drink bottled or filtered water
Avoid tap water and be wary of well water. Fluoride and chlorine found in tap water, and iron, manganese, calcium and other minerals found in well water can be harmful. When using a filter,
make sure it eliminates heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria, and a good percent of all minerals.  Drinking water that is pure is much better than water that is impure. 

      Avoid fluids with meals
Drinking fluids with meals can compromise your digestion. Sip warm fluids with meals if needed and never ingest cold fluids, as they inhibit digestion. If you drink a glass of water twenty minutes before a meal you will probably find that you won’t feel the need to drink during the meal.

     Avoid certain drinks
Coffee, black tea, pop, beer, liquor and wine all require that you drink additional water to process them.
    Eat your Veggies
Eat as many and as much vegetables as you want throughout the day with no limit.  Most people tolerate slightly cook (streamed, baked, or roasted) vegetables better than raw at first.  I suggest 60 percent cooked and 40 percent raw.
    Eat small meals.
Food should not be staked high on the plate or go to the edge of the plate.  Eat several small meals throughout the day instead of one or two big meals.  Ideally, you should eat three meals and have to snacks everyday with the biggest meal being breakfast.
   Your plate:
Use a standard nine inch Plate and divide it into three sections.  The first section of the plate will take up half of the area of the plate and will be for your vegetables.  The other half of the plate will be divided in half; half will be for your lean protein (meat, beans or legumes) and the remained of the plate will be for your grains.
Supplementation plays a vital role in weight loss and weight management.  Nutrition from food consumption is often compromised when dieting and must be supplemented.  The following are recommendations for the use of supplements:

  •    Chromium Picolinate 600 mcg daily (200 mcg before each meal)    Fiber:  Glucomannan fiber is the recommended fiber choice.  Before each meal.   
  •    Omega 3 fatty acids, use as directed on the bottle.  Most experts suggest at least 1,000 mg of EPA/ DHA divided into two doses. 
  •    Vitamin C (suggest you use C Ester or buffered) with bioflavonoid, 1,000 mg three times per day.

  •  Calcium/magnesium 1,000/750-1,000 mg daily  
  •  Probiotic (multiple strains)
  •  Vitamin D3 (2,000 -10,000 IUs daily depending on needs). 
  •  Multiple Vitamins with minerals, use as directed on the bottle.
  •  Gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) as directed on the bottle
  •  5-HTP as directed on the bottle (especially helpful for emotional eaters)
  •  B complex 75 or 100 2 – 3 times daily
  •  Zinc (50-80 mg daily not to exceed 100 mg daily from all sources)
                          Additional Supplements

  •  Weight loss formulas as directed on the label  (weight loss supplements may contain a variety of ingredients. Choose one that contains proven ingredients such as: Gymnema, White Kidney Bean, and pea protein).
  •   Green Coffee Bean extract (800 mg three times per day).
  •   CLA  as directed on the label.
  •   Green tea (or EGCG supplement taken as directed on the label).
  •   5-HTP is an excellent supplement for those who eat under stress or are emotional type eaters.  (50 mg three times per day 20-30 minutes before meals).

II.                  ACTIVITIES   
  •   Sleep 7-8 hours each night
  •   Maintain daily food log
  •   Exercise 30 minutes every day
  •   Consume  8-10 eight ounce glasses of water per day
  •   Eat breakfast every day within one hour of getting up
  •   Drink a protein shake every morning (Pea Protein is best).
Anding, Roberta H., R.D.,  (2009): Nutrition Made Clear
Balch, Phyllis A., CNC,  (2010): Prescription for Nutritional  Healing.

Visit www.Davincilabs.coml or visit my on-line store to access DavinciLabs

 Disclaimer:  Our services and products are to provide educational information only and are not used to diagnose, treat, prescribe, or cure any disease.  These services, information, and/or products have not been endorsed, researched, or proven to be effect by any state or federal government agency.  Before starting or stopping any health program, discuss the program with a qualified medical professional.  Results may vary from individuals.

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